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Chris Mintz Cocke County


Christopher Mintz is a talented and dedicated coach based in Charlotte, North Carolina. He has taught for over twenty years and helped his teams achieve over four hundred wins. In addition to being a talented coach, Christopher is an avid sports fan. As such, he can speak knowledgeably on a variety of sports topics.

Currently, Christopher Mintz is a coach for Cocke County High School. He’s been with the school for a little over three years at this point, yet he’s already helped them achieve a 66-30 record, with a win percentage of nearly seventy. Thanks to Christopher’s help, the school team hit back-to-back twenty-win seasons for the first time since 1987. Furthermore, the school’s team is now ranked as one of the top ten in the state. 

Before signing on with Cocke County High, Christopher Mintz worked at Cherokee High School. Christopher worked at Cherokee High School for over a decade, so this is where he got much of his modern experience. Christopher held several positions here, including Physical Education, Health, and Strength Coach. He was also the JV Football Assistant, Head JV Football Coach, and Head Women’s Coach. Christopher’s Coaching made sweeping changes across the team, and they went from winning 7/11 games to 19. He averaged over 25 wins during his time there. These wins included sectional and conference championships. As an educator, Christopher focused on more than just the teams’ scores. He insisted on maintaining a higher level of education and understanding. As such, his team GPA was consistently higher (ranging from 3.35 to 3.85).

Christopher Mintz’s first professional role was with Polk County High School. Once again, he held many positions during his tenure with the school. Christopher started as a substitute teacher and football player. Following this, he took on the Physical Education, Health, and Strength Teacher role. This opened the door for him to become the school’s Varsity Football OL/DL Coach. Christopher would later take on two more coaching positions, first as the JV Girls’ Basketball Coach and then as the Head Women’s Basketball Coach.

Before Christopher Mintz could pursue his professional sports career, he first had to complete his academic journey. This started with his own stint at Polk County High School. Following this, Christopher attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (where he was also a football player). Finally, Christopher headed to Gardner-Webb University to earn his Bachelor of Science degree. Christopher majored in Physical Education, but he chose a minor in Coaching.

Christopher Mintz’s hard work has not gone unnoticed. He has been labeled conference or area coach of the year nine times. Most recently, Christopher was listed as the Lakeway area coach of the year (2022).

When not busy with work, Christopher Mintz loves spending time with his grandchildren. He also enjoys spending time outdoors on his grill. Other passions include inspirational quotes and music. Naturally, Christopher enjoys watching sports – and he adores talking about them. In truth, Christopher loves all things sports, from online sports forums to professional coaching careers.

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